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Benefits of yoga

Side effects of doing Yoga may include:

  • feeling less stress and anxiety

  • feeling great

  • looking younger

  • improving overall health

  • discovering inner peace and happiness

  • increasing strength and flexibility

  • developing a higher state of self-awareness

  • improving focus and control of thoughts

  • lowering risk of disease

  • sleeping more deeply

  • aging more slowly

  • increasing energy

Regularly practicing yoga will improve many areas of your life. Yoga's slow, gentle movement, combined with deep breathing, energizes your body, brings balance to your life, and connects you with your body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga benefits many areas of your life. Here are just a few:


  • relieve stress
  • control thoughts and focus
  • relieve symptoms caused by depression
  • increase your pain threshold
  • live in the moment and slow down your busy life
  • require less sleep
  • exert less energy on mindless thoughts


  • naturally align your spine and improve posture
  • relieve chronic and everyday aches and pains
  • strengthen joints and ligaments
  • strengthen and tone your entire body
  • increase lung capacity
  • improve flexibility of muscles and connective tissue
  • improve organ function and bone density


  • discover who you are
  • learn to accept yourself
  • learn to be more compassionate
  • learn how to unconditionally love yourself
  • become aware of habits and mental patterns
  • learn to let go of your suffering
  • discover inner peace and happiness
  • increase self esteem
  • awaken your sprit