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Econiche Winter Retreat

"I really loved the discussion groups and of course the yoga classes. Jessica is a phenomenal teacher (yogi) I also really enjoyed the love circle. The entire weekend was planned out very well. I found this weekend to very enlightening super relaxing and just wonderful experience all around. Meeting new people and sharing so openly gave me warm fuzzies all weekend! I would most defiantly recommend this retreat to everyone , even if you have never done yoga before. There is so much to learn and experience, it is very inspirational."

--Jenny Seatter


"Well organized and positive weekend! Jessica has a way of clearly instructing, encouraging and easing our moves! I learned that there is so much more my body can learn to do. If I am patient and persevere I can do things I thought I couldn`t."



"Great yoga classes, not too many people which was nice, good setting, not too far from Ottawa, not too expensive!"


"I would absolutely recommend my friends to come next time!"



"Loved the fire place!"


"I loved the comradeship."



"I am really glad the chef was able to take care of my allergies!"



Yoga While You Work Play and at the End of the Day

"Very useful and relaxing workshop! Jessica spoke to me on several levels today!"

--Angela xoxox


"I had a great time, I'm really happy that I came! Please let me know about any other workshops you plan on putting on, because I'll be there! :)"



"I learned a lot and liked a lot of the examples and analogies used in your teaching. Thank you!"



"Excellent workshops! Thank you"



Private lessons

"Hello, to anyone looking for private yoga lessons I would highly recommend Jessica Ballard. She is very devoted to her practice and she has an extremely fluent teaching style. She is also a very open minded individual and works hard to accommodate specific needs of each individual that she teaches. For me, since I became pregnant she has put in a great deal of extra research to expand her knowledge in the area of yoga for pregnant women. I enjoy every session with her, and I always feel refreshed and reenergized afterwards. Her enthusiasm to keep learning and teaching is only one of the things that keeps me coming back every week. I recommend you find out the other reasons for yourself, it really is worth it!"

--Jenny Seatter


Competitive Athletes

"Synchronized swimming is a sport that demands a lot of coordination and advanced water skills. It is kind of a hybrid of swimming, dance, and gymnastics combining great strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry, and precise timing, as well as exceptional breath control.

The University of Ottawa's GeeGee's synchronized swimming teams have had a successful season this year thanks to the swimmers' perseverance and hard work. These girls have put their heart into their training while investing extensive time to design a routine and endless hours of practice to master it.

Yoga has not only helped this team lengthen, control and regulate the breath but also create a balance between their mind and body. Yoga taught them discipline, poise, balance and strength to improve their body's physical health, to clear their minds to have a better performance and surpass themselves.

We are always trying to push past our personal limitations because nothing is ever completely mastered. It is this intrigue (for one) that keeps each and every one of us around..."

--Sharo Ottawa GeeGee's coach