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Yoga for Athletes and Teams

NHL Star Tim Thomas
Credits Yoga for Success
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Canucks Doing Yoga
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For more information, click here to download our hockey player yoga brochure

As any athlete knows, the length of your career heavily depends on your ability to remain injury free! For prices click here.

Team Sessions

We offer 6, 8, or 12 week sessions. It's a risk free try-out. You don't sign anything right away. Pick a time that is convenient for you. Book the same day each week or book the days around games and tournaments. Location can be negotiated—my studio, or your place.

Benefits for athletes:

  • Yoga is a system of exercise used to link body and mind through breath.
  • Yoga improves lung capacity.
  • Gentle yoga can rejuvenate the body and mind after hard training and competition.
  • Whatever style you practice, yoga improves circulation, concentration, strength and flexibility.
  • Power yoga develops upper body and core strength and lower body and spinal flexibility. This is vital in preventing injuries and reducing time the body needs to heal.
  • This mixture of strength and flexibility prepares the cardiovascular system and muscles for peak performance.
  • Yoga invites awareness and understanding of our minds, bodies, and actions. Focus, visualization, and self-understanding can help train the mind for competition and to improve confidence and focus.
  • Yoga teaches you how to link movement to breathe, creating more efficient movements, and increasing speed.
  • Yoga rejuvenates tired muscles and repairs sports injuries.

I am confident that I can enhance your sport in positive ways. Please click here and contact us today.